who cares?

see earth turning red 
masses misled 
trust on a thread 

hear goodwill explode 
click, tweet reload 
the sound of safety eroding 

and you, this unrest embrace 
smirk on your face 

i feel fear everywhere
hate in the air 
disguised in prayer 

i choke through what reeks 
from the highest seat 
trickle down sulfuric sleaze 

you, drown us in lies 
then go upstairs to put your bathrobe on and watch the tele 
you, stroke on your pride 
as we try not to lose our minds 

you don't have the right! 
brother, there’s a prerequisite 
to the office in which you sit 
that you give a shit! 
i hope you have to fight to sleep at night 

just watch self serving sheep 
turn a blind eye and collect on the lies 
and worse, the sleepers on the right 
who think that this is normal 
and we’re all just sore losers 

you, who aren’t really bothered 
it says accomplice on your collar 

yeah, like who cares if his right hand’s a racist 
or if a five year old’s in handcuffs 
what does that really matter 

who cares about frightened Mexican women and children… 

who cares that he’s unstable 
who cares what rats feed at his table 

i don’t care about facts 
or conflicts of interest 
i couldn't care less about the resistance 

i will justify… 
i’ll blindly abide… 
throw the gates open wide 
and welcome the Trojan horse inside 

did you forget who you are?
brother, where is your honor, your regard 
for what’s in plain sight? 
aren’t we all alike?! 
this is so far beyond who’s on the left or right 
beyond our fear and pride 
it’s a WAR on what ALL of us stand for!

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